Electronic Services

The experts from Bosch Car Service are fully equipped to deal with the latest automotive technology in vehicles of all makes and keep them in perfect working order. And so your car is always in the best possible hands when you take it to Bosch Car Service for maintenance and repair.

  • Professional Battery service
  • Professional Electronic System Diagnosis

Professional Battery Service

Is your car battery ready for action and properly equipped for the winter? You can have it checked free of charge at a Bosch Car Service workshop. And if necessary we will replace it straight away with a new one and make sure the old one is disposed of properly.

  • Free battery check
  • Fitting of top quality Bosch batteries

How about a free battery check? : Have you any idea about the current state of your battery? Most drivers probably do not give it a thought until they have a breakdown or their vehicle refuses to start. But if you have a battery check performed regularly at one of our workshops, we will always replace it when necessary. Advantage: It is better to spend a few minutes having a top quality Bosch product fitted rather than waiting hours for the breakdown service to arrive.

  • Bosch S3, S4, S4+ and S5 batteries (12 V)
  • Bosch battery charger C3 & C7 , suitable for all standard battery technologies (lead-acid, AGM, wet and gel)

Winter leaves our experts cold. : As soon as the weather turns cold your can hear and see it everywhere: Stuttering starters and stranded vehicles. A weak battery is usually the cause of the problem, as chemical processes slow down at low temperatures and greater frictional resistance occurs in the engine. Bad news for any starter battery – particularly when the alternator is not operating.

As if that were not enough, modern vehicles are fitted with ever more demanding electronic equipment – from start/stop systems right through to a variety of electrical loads. Which means that car batteries are increasingly becoming the domain of experts. And so we would seriously advise drivers never to change the battery themselves unless they have the necessary technical knowledge. It is always best to leave maintenance and replacement to the experts at our workshops – both in summer and winter.

Jump-starting your car battery : Starting assistance can give a boost to weary batteries. But before you connect up your car to another vehicle there are a few important points to consider:

The rated voltage of both batteries must be the same (e.g. 12 V). There must not be any contact between the bodywork of the two vehicles. After switching off all electrical equipment, connect the red jump lead to the positive post of the flat battery and then to that of the full battery. Then connect the black cable to the negative post of the full battery before connecting the other end to a metal surface in the engine compartment of the vehicle with the flat battery. Important: Never connect it to the negative post of the flat battery as otherwise there would be an acute risk of explosion. Only then should you attempt to start the vehicle.

Our expert advice: If you want to look after your vehicle battery, avoid exhaustive discharge if at all possible, press the clutch when starting the engine and switch off any unnecessary electrical equipment. We recommend removing the battery before taking a car out of service for a lengthy period of time. Another important piece of advice: Store your battery in a cool, dry place - it prefers the cold.

Professional Electronic System Diagnosis

In the event of an electronic failure in your vehicle or if a warning light comes on, you can rely on our experts to quickly locate and rectify the problem.

  • Professional, systematic trouble-shooting.
  • Excellently qualified personnel.
  • Top quality testing and workshop equipment

We have all the necessary expertise: If you have a problem with the electronics in your vehicle, you can rely on the unique abilities of our experts. Because Bosch Car Service workshops acquire their knowledge directly from Bosch, the world's leading original equipment supplier, in the form of intensive training courses. So our experts are fully conversant with diagnosis and trouble-shooting. From battery management and vehicle electronics to electronically controlled injection systems and electronically supported driver assistance systems.

Interlinked safety:The increasing number of electronic system components and more extensive electrical equipment makes vehicle repair ever more complicated. This means that servicing of the complex electrical system in a vehicle involves far more than just changing a defective bulb or replacing a blown fuse. The electronic components not only communicate with one another, they sometimes cannot function without one another. So the failure of just one sensor may even bring the entire electrical system to a standstill. The Bosch Car Service experts are ideally equipped to deal with such problems and can always be relied upon for professional car repairs.

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Our Workshop Services

  • Electronic Service

    In the event of an electronic failure in your vehicle or if a warning lamp comes on, you can rely on our experts to quickly locate the problem.  

  • AC Service

    The Bosch Car Service experts will be pleased to service your air conditioning system to ensure a constant pleasant temperature in the passenger compartment and to keep out pollen and unpleasant odors.  

  • Engine Service

    In technical terms, cars are becoming ever more sophisticated and represent an ever more demanding challenge for workshops.   

  • Brake Service

    Bosch is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of electronic vehicle systems. As Bosch Car Service workshop personnel benefits directly from this expertise.  

  • Tyre Service

    Bosch Car Service can provide you with a full tyre service – from tyre changing to balancing and from cleaning the rims to storage.  

  • Mechanical Repairs

    Bosch Car Service experts can be relied upon to put things right – with the latest test equipment and genuine spare parts of original equipment standard.  

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