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Brakes from Bosch - Be Sure, Be Safe!

The braking system is crucial to the safety of the vehicle occupants. Uncompromising quality is demanded so that the vehicle driver can depend on the uncompromised functionality, 100% of the time, as well as the highest braking comfort.

Bosch S5 and S4+ batteries

Bosch Car Service only ever makes use of top quality, faultless products – particularly where the braking system is concerned. One of the world's leading braking system manufacturers, Bosch ensures that every product meets the stringent quality demands of original equipment manufacturers. So why should we cut any corners when we can offer customers maximum safety and functionality right from the start?

Brake discs– for guaranteed safe stopping

While braking, most pressure is applied on the brake disc. This can result in very high temperatures developing between the pad and the disk - an enormous thermal and mechanical load which only the best quality can withstand over the course of time. Only brake discs made from high-grade materials and homogenous casting structures can withstand high thermal and mechanical stress. This guarantees optimal performance concerning braking effect, lifespan and braking comfort. As we are committed to safety, we at Bosch Car Service place our trust in the quality of Bosch brakes discs and all the associated components such as calipers and pads. The high-grade materials used in these have no trouble mastering even the toughest conditions and are also extremely reliable.

Bosch Brake pads

At Bosch car service, we choose to invest in brake pads that are 100% asbestos-free. Asbestos-free brake pads from Bosch ensure enhanced all-weather driving comfort with excellent stopping distance from the very first stop. Because when it comes to safety there are no second chances. Bosch Brake pads are manufactured to power a safe and comfortable drive.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Advanced friction technology ensures excellent stopping distance
  • Asbestos-free construction prevents exposure to harmful cancer-causing substances
  • Improved resistance to wear and tear for a long operating life
  • Designed as per OE specifications with better NVH characteristics


Brake Booster

The booster amplifies the force applied by the driver’s foot when pressing the brake pedal and thus reduces the required effort. It is combined with the master cylinder to form a single unit and is a component of a car braking system.

Bosch offers scalable design solutions with standardized manufacturing processes that guarantee the same quality standards in every region of the world.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The NOAH vacuum booster uses a globally standardised valve technology which allows a modular integration of mechanical brake assist system
  • The reduced dead stroke and input force leads to better pedal feel and more comfort
  • The worldwide standardized design concept and manufacturing process guarantees the same quality standards in every region of the world

Brake fluid – for even brake pressure

Brake fluid is one of the most important components in a braking system. When the pedal is actuated, the fluid is pressurised and it transmits the pressure to the pads or shoes. Additionally, it also lubricates the moving parts and protects the entire system from corrosion. Brake fluids are also suitable for use in clutch systems.

Bosch Car Service uses brake fluids from Bosch containing high-grade corrosion prevention and lubrication additives aiding in consistent and steady brake pressure response throughout the service life and enhance lubrication of hydraulic components

The advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal viscosity even under extreme temperatures
  • Maximum protection against vapour formation and corrosion

Our Workshop Services

  • Electronic Service

    In the event of an electronic failure in your vehicle or if a warning lamp comes on, you can rely on our experts to quickly locate the problem.  

  • AC Service

    The Bosch Car Service experts will be pleased to service your air conditioning system to ensure a constant pleasant temperature in the passenger compartment and to keep out pollen and unpleasant odors.  

  • Engine Service

    In technical terms, cars are becoming ever more sophisticated and represent an ever more demanding challenge for workshops.   

  • Brake Service

    Bosch is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of electronic vehicle systems. As Bosch Car Service workshop personnel benefits directly from this expertise.  

  • Tyre Service

    Bosch Car Service can provide you with a full tyre service – from tyre changing to balancing and from cleaning the rims to storage.  

  • Mechanical Repairs

    Bosch Car Service experts can be relied upon to put things right – with the latest test equipment and genuine spare parts of original equipment standard.  

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